With the new “Resonator System Combined“: two resonators for a new guitar from Lamina Instruments


«Like all timeless art, this #Lamina Guitars creation certainly has layers! Italian builders @LaminaGuitars present the LG03: the only guitar on the market with a body made of #maple and perimetral resonant #aluminumfoils” - USA

“The combination of high-level design and the use of alternative materials make the” Lamina “a unique tool! I chose the LG02 Oxyblack model characterized by a strong attack and a versatile voice for many musical genres thanks to the split coil of the two humbuckers that allows you to use them even in monobob mode allowing you to always have the right sound for every situation! Definitely not a “normal” guitar !!!

Alessandro De Crescenzo

“You want the weird and the sublime – Lamina guitars are there to make you turn your head, crafted from carefully spaced aluminum foil, offering a delirious look and perfect comfort – in the tradition of Neuser et al. these guitars have something special and could just be used as decorative items if they were not very good instruments too. “

GuitareXtreme - Frace

“Lamina is a guitar made with the concepts of precision mechanics.Its construction allows you to have an ergonomics that ease the playing of the most demanding guitarists in any musical genre, from traditional to modern.The sound is characterized by an exceptional attack and of a particular tip in the mid-high frequencies that allows to pierce the mix with great definition. At the same time I Pick Up allow to obtain an extremely dynamic and organic sound suitable both for the bluesman, the pop guitarist and the rock / metal guitarist. All in total absence of noise thanks to the accurate wiring and the natural shielding offered by the aluminum body. 

Marco Fanton

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