Idea & Project

Lamina Instruments is the result of the balanced mix of technology and handicraft.
The adventure started in Milano by Lo.Sa srl, a business specialized in working metals since 35 years.
After collaborating with many projects, Andrea Partesana, designer, and Lorenzo Ottanà, co-owner of Lo.Sa srl, decide to combine their passion and their skills to create a new, unique and vibrant project.
Ottanà showed Partesana his dream: to use aluminium foils to create a new way to conceive the silhouette of the electric guitar, a material that would have also influenced the sound of the instrument.

Andrea, designer and luthier who built his experience by the historical Liuteria Sampaolo in Milano, transformed the original idea in a real project.
Lamina Lg01 was born in september 2017: the first guitar in the world built with aluminium foils fixed to a central maple body. A few weeks later Lamina Lg01 was presented in the Milan Design Week 2017 by Lucky Music, an historical musical store for italian musicians. Since then Lorenzo and Andrea had started the production of Laminas, design guitars with a unique sound, that since the beginning performed on some of the most important italian and european stages as The Voice of Italy, Cesare Cremonini Tour, Lorenzo Tour 2018, Ermal Meta “Non abbiamo armi” Tour and Loredana Bertè Tour.

Lorenzo Ottanà

Founder & CEO

Lorenzo Ottanà co-owner of Lo.Sa srl, a business since ’94 specialized in high precision carpentry; he is also an active drummer in the italian independent music industry.

Andrea Partesana

Founder & Head of Design

Andrea Partesana graduated at Politecnico di Milano in 2001; he is an industrial designer since 20 years that worked in many different fields, also projecting and building stringed instruments at the historical Liuteria Sampaolo in Milan. He loves technology but also handcrafted designs. He combines his professional side with his love for guitars and music.


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