Lamina Guitars & Dogal Strings: a partnership based on technological innovation and “Made in Italy” craftsmanship

Lamina Guitars, after about a year of activity that has generated a lot of interest and curiosity, now has the opportunity to announce an important agreement with a historic Italian artisan company recognized and appreciated in the national and international music scene: Dogal Strings
We can certainly say that in this period one of the most fortunate encounters was the one with the fantastic Team of Dogal Strings, an Italian company that since 1950 produces handcrafted ropes for musical instruments.
Dogal has the right mix of craftsmanship and high production quality: we could not but be enthusiastic about the possibility of collaborating in a more structured way.
For this reason we are very proud to announce that as of now all of our Lamina guitars will wear Dogal ropes for a synergy of high quality, craftsmanship and Made in Italy.
Finally, we take the opportunity to remember that October 26 is the anniversary of the production of the first LG01! It is a truly meaningful moment for us and we will celebrate it with an important announcement …