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From a revolutionary idea to a finished product of extremely-high level

The productive process of our instruments takes shape from an original idea that goes from our designer's head to an accurate CAD project (Computer Aided Design). With computer's help we design and project each section of the instrument before transferring the project to CNC machines (numerical control machines with very high precision)

  1. the productive process starts with the choice of the woods; we know how much the quality and the type of the materials can alter the performance and the sound of a musical instrument. Once selected, wood is crafted with high precision with CNC machines to be eventually hand-refined by our artisans.

2. The second part of the process is based on a new generation optical-fibre Laser that works with efficiency and precision all the aluminium parts that will complete the instrument.

2. A further passage consists in finishing all the parts prepared (keyboard, neck, nut, dots...)

4. the fourth phase consists in the painting process and the anodizing process for the aluminium parts to reach the expected aesthetics and performance targets.

5. the fifth phase consists in the assembly of the different parts; this is a completely manual work. Only with a high-level wiring we can obtain high quality instruments

6. The last phase consists in finishing the general set-up of the instrument for what concerns bridge, keys and neck





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